2009-10-20 Message to the world A Silent Prayer for Mr.Shoichi Nakagawa, the former Japanese Finance Minister.  〔『水間条項』より転載〕


“It is the largest loan ever made in the history of humanity.”
On February 13, 2009, Shoichi Nakagawa a Japanese conservative politician and Minister of Finance in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), was greatly praised by IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
This was because of Mr Nakagawa's decision at G7's meeting in Italy to lend up to $100 billion to the International Monetary Fund,to provide a financial lifeline to crisis-hit emerging countries.

His accomplishments were not featured as big news in Japan.
Japanese mass media did not feature his achievement at all while they were reporting his small mistakes at the press conference.
Therefore, he was under a lot of stress and the Japanese nation could not know about his contribution to IMF.
He passed away on October 4, at the age of 56.
If his impressive achievement was true,we wish people who are concerned with G7 and IMF to offer a silent prayer for one minute as a tribute to him.

The Prayer is going to be offered at Kensei Kinenkan(Kensei Memorial Hall)
Tuesday, October 27, 2009 from 17:18 (Japan)

(World Time)
Los Angeles/Tue,27 October 1:18
New York/Tue,27 October 4:18
London/Tue,27 October 8:18
Paris/Tue,27 October 9:18
Berlin/Tue,27 October 9:18
Rome/Tue,27 October 9:18
Dunedin/Tue,27 October 21:18

Masanori Mizuma(Journalist) <This article is copyright-free on the internet> http://mizumajyoukou.jp/

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